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Our founder members are from science, innovation and leadership background with a view to improve public health.

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Dr Swrajit Sarkar

RNutr, CBiol,MRSB, FRSPH PhD (PHN), MRes (PHN), BSc (H) Biosciences
Swrajit is an Academic, Researcher & Innovator with 11 Years of Experiences in Public Health Nutrition. His key research have been in the field of nutrition transition and impact on noncommunicable diseases risk progression. He has worked as a senior member of university leadership team. Also Supervising several PhD & Masters Students.

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Mrs Nayahsa Sarkar

Masters in Medical Science- Human Nutrition (University of Sheffield), BSc (Hons.) Food Nutrition and Dietitics (University of Mumbai)

Nayasha's background is in food, nutrition and dietetics and postgraduate degree in human nutrition. She is also working towards her final step into postgraduate adult nurse. She has worked within health settings since 2009. Nayasha's research work is in the field of GI diseases and disorders along with malnutrition. Her Vision is to create effective food supplement which is highly absorbable.

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