Complete Health Limited-Head Office is based in the Heart of Bournemouth, UK. Bournemouth is a coastal resort town on the south coast of England. We are really proud to be in this coastal town. Our warehouse and distribution center for online operation is based here in Bournemouth, UK. 

We are a very small business with university graduates and doctorate degree holders, who are dedicated to providing the best customer service at an affordable price. Our team is dotted across UK and internationally and owned without any bank loans or external liability.

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Our Business Structure

Our business model encompasses online experience through E-Commerce shops and Mobile Shopping platforms.  This allows our customer to shop conveniently from their mobile devices. 

Our Brand Ethics

  • 100% Upcycle and Use of Recycled Material
  • Putting Science before profit
  • Health & Wellbeing is the core of our scientific innovation 

Core Values

  • We Believe in You
  • We Believe in Accessibility
  • We Love our Planet
  • We Trust Our Manufacturing Partner
  • We Are Abide by The Law of The Land

Social Responsibility

  • 100% of Products are in the UK
  • UK Dispatch Network
  • We use recycled & upcycled materials
  • We Use the Online Receipts & Tracking
  • Equality & Diversity

Our Online Shop

Our Online Shop is unique to all age, sex, and income groups delivering affordable, acceptable and adaptable gold standard brands.

Research & Innovation

Our own brand supplements are research-informed and use technology that is fused with collaboration with leading universities in the United Kingdom. Our products are specifically developed to deliver:

  • High-Quality liposomes with target nutrients
  • Locally Sourced Ingredients in all our products
  • Alcohol-free

Advisory Board

Our advisory board consist of Health Care Professionals : 

  • Coming Soon
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Our Product Range

  1. Liquids (Coming Soon) (Science/ Research / Innovation)
  2. Liposomal (Coming Soon) (Science/ Research / Innovation)

Our Customers

Our customers are our partners in our journey. We serve each customer as our own to provide best possible solution for their health & wellbeing needs. We also take customer information that we collect and store seriously. We follow complete guidance from the Information commissioner office (https://ico.org.uk/).

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